Innerspace Reconnaissance Organization

Innerspace Reconnaissance Organization

The Innerspace Reconnaissance Organization (IRO) designs, builds, launches, and operates a network of innerspace reconnaissance vehicles, known as the 3DIR platform. These virtual vehicles "hover" (so to speak) in innerspace, entering the mindset at great speeds and repeatedly-firing neurons to collect and process information about the target.

This makes it a more realistic and reliable alternative to most currently available psychotropics. For example, in the Q4ORP TV show, Travis "Zero" Plott, (one of the main characters) is put in a 3DIR virtual reality induced coma to determine if he has ever been into Innerspace.

Q4ORP would not have been possible without the consultancy provided by IRO.

3DIR is also popular in online gaming and streaming. Users of 3DIR state that "A person can easily "participate" inside "our" 3DIR world, as though they are physically present."

Dr. Santo "Zee" de Marcos, a professor at the University of Southern California, is lead researcher. Along with a team of carefully-chosen volunteers, our research is coming to life. His latest creation, ZGO, is currently in development.

ZGO is "a tool designed for high-inference missions, including inside imagination, human improvisation and counter-rationality."

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